T&M press and tool technology are of proprietary design, evolving from years of development and innovation. Deep draw and progressive tooling is engineered onsite by our tool designers who are also accomplished toolmakers. We use carbide and tool strength steel so that each tool is able to provide:

  • Highest Quality
  • Maximum Repeatability
  • Minimum Material Usage
  • Lowest Production Cost
  • Longevity



Following a complete design review, the design is approved for manufacture and released to the tool department. Tool steel and carbide punch and die components are machined on high-speed CNC milling, turning, conventional EDM, wire EDM and grinding equipment which ensures both accuracy and repeatability. All tooling is made on site in order to speed development time, assure top quality components, optimize run time and minimize down time throughout production.

In addition to the primary tool, T&M has the expertise and experience to create, build and integrate secondary type operations into the primary press sequence. Such operations would include side piercing, shaving, nibbing, necking, beading, flanging, marking, lettering, notching and knurling, either singularly or in sequence, to enhance product value.

Innovation is important to our future and we invite our customers and potential customers to consult with our product engineers on designs that will improve the cost and reliability of your products.