1944 – Thomas Truelove and Donald Maclean, both of whom were skilled toolmakers and hard-working entrepreneurs, formed a lasting and successful partnership supplying complex deep drawn and light gage stampings to a diverse customer base.

1944Thomas Truelove & Donald Maclean

The timing of their collaboration at the end of World War II was ideal as the country was soon to be in a peace-time mode and a hungry, demanding populace, reeling from rationing, now required goods and services in an unprecedented fashion.

1946 – T&M operations were relocated from a second story loft near the center of the city of Waterbury to a choice industrial site on the north side of the city where they arranged for the construction of the original T&M building. This one-story 5,000 square foot building was the beginning of what would lead to many expansions totaling over 100,000 square feet.

With a strong emphasis on quality and service, the T&M reputation expanded and grew in customer base and diversification. Product lines soon included cosmetics, medical, electronics, automotive, television, radio, hardware, military, writing instruments and batteries.  Success in supplying many of the leaders in these industries generated a steady growth in physical plant additions, equipment and personnel.




1963 – T&M was acquired by USM (United Shoe Machinery) and an ideal working relationship followed.

1976 – Tom Truelove and Don Maclean supported and guided Rich Bouffard in the start-up of Bouffard Metal Goods; which also grew rapidly into a modern deep draw and metal stamping company occupying a 90,000 square foot facility in Watertown, CT.

1979 – At T&M’s request, Emhart Corporation, which had taken over USM, allowed the sale of the company to German industrialists, Jurgen Thumann and Engelbert Heitkamp. For a period spanning 28 years, T&M had a wonderful and prosperous relationship with the Heitkamp & Thumann Group.

1981 – Truelove & Maclean acquired Bouffard Metal Goods and Rich Bouffard became part owner and president of T&M.

Truelove & Maclean Watertown, CT

1999 – Recognizing that much of the recent growth was concentrated in the supply of alkaline battery components, a separate division was formed to focus on other markets with a need for tight tolerance parts. We found suppliers who had the resources to support a highly demanding customer base, and decided to implement a strategy focused on critical components for the automotive and consumer/industrial markets both domestic and international.
2006 – T&M receives recommendation for TS 16949 certification with zero deviations.

Rich Bouffard being congratulated by Jürgen Thumann

2007 – Rich Bouffard acquired full ownership of T&M’s automotive, consumer and industrial products division and relocated it to Watertown, CT.


2014 – T&M completes a 20,000 square foot expansion in order to match the growth of our valued customers.


T&M has continued to expand both our customer base and our capabilities. Significant reinvestments have led to the purchase of new machinery, electronic inspection equipment, and increased warehousing space.

T&M represents capable, dedicated employees, state-of-the-art equipment, world class quality, reliable suppliers and many customers who are leaders in their industry.