T&M works with virtually all alloys that can be either stamped or deep drawn. These include, but are not limited to aluminum, copper, brass, stainless or plated steels, nickel, low & high carbon C.R.S, clad materials, and Inconel. We use high-speed Bruderer presses with capacities up to 75 tons and speeds up to 1500 strokes per minute, and we deep draw using U.S. Baird or Waterbury Farrel type transfer presses with capacities up to a six inch draw length and 105 tons.

T&M is vertically integrated in order to retain control over our manufacturing and secondary processes. We have three different cleaning systems which are capable of cleaning a wide variety of materials and part configurations. We also use state of the art automated inspection equipment which performs 100% inspection of components used in critical applications.

In addition to in house tool making, T&M also rebuilds and designs all of our own presses. This process consists of stripping the press down to the frame, fabricating new mechanisms, and tuning it to run at the high speeds we require.


Transfer Press Technology

  • 105 ton max
  • 3.5” (88.9mm) max diameter @ 1.250” (31.75mm) length
  • 5” (127mm) max length @ 1.500” (38.1mm) diameter


Progressive Die Technology

  • Max press tonnage 75 tons
  • Bed Size-37” (939.8mm) long x 25.5” (647.7mm) wide


U.S. Baird Transfer Presses

High Speed Bruderer Presses

Metal Thickness

  • .005” (0.127mm) -.080” (2.032mm) depending on the alloy

Experience in all types of formable alloys

  • Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless, nickel, low & high carbon C.R.S., plated steels, clad materials, and Inconel

Basket Washing

Vapor Degreaser


Part Deburring

Automated Welding