T&M’s knowledge of deep drawing and progressive stamping is complimented by our design engineering team and supported by our state-of-the-art toolmaking and tool grinding departments.  Using the latest version of Autodesk Inventor 3D solid modeling, we are able to design the tooling for complex and intricate parts, avoiding pitfalls which could increase cost and lead time.  Through the assembly of solid models, we have the capability to fully view the tooling stations to minimize problems up front.   Innovative ideas are applied to the manufacture of parts to decrease cost, enhance quality and develop new methods for higher complexity components.  T&M also uses proven technology to reduce development time when proven methods are available.  In addition to designing new tooling, our engineers are continuously looking for ways to improve productivity, maximize efficiencies, and enhance quality.

Technology has been gained with over 70 years of converting machined parts to drawn or stamped parts depending on characteristics such as part configuration, volumes required, tooling costs and the ability to use different alloys.

Manufacturing engineering compliments T&M’s continuous improvement efforts in every phase of our manufacturing through research,  problem solving and process enhancements to lower costs, improve quality and make the process more robust.

Quality engineering supports production with the product part approval process (PPAP) through using high-tech vision, laser and touch probe measuring technology as well as standard equipment.  Quality engineering contributes to improvements in T&M’s processes and manages control plans, failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) documents, capability studies, work instructions and quality forms just to name a few.  Quality engineering interacts with customers to resolve problems and support customer needs.  Understanding a customer’s processes and requirements are important to produce a suitable part.

The T&M team is a proven one with over half a century of building customer satisfaction into everything we do.

T & M

“The Trademark of Quality”